Panel Repair

Premium Quality

AutoClinic Garage provides premium quality car panel repair services. We are located in Paphos and cater to all kinds of car body repair, panel repair and bodywork.

Paint Repairs

Well Painted

All car owners want their cars to be well maintained and well painted. Minor damages can happen to a car anywhere so we offer superb denting and painting repairs..


Polised, WAXC

Does your car need to get polised, WAXC as well as properly oiled? Be it repairing its parts, polishing, or any other kind of service which your vehicle requires, we are here…

Light Clean

Perform Magnificent

We at Auto Clinic Garage, perform magnificent head light clean services to cars and vehicles. This reduces the risk of accidents on roads as there will be clear visibility.

Tend Repair

Removal Scarcest

Be it regular auto routine or any kind of emergency repair work or even Removal Scarcest and Tend Repair you can trust our professional team…


Dazzling and Incredible

We at Auto Clinic Garage specialize in providing your vehicle stress-free service to all kind of cars, whether it’s related to windscreen replacement..

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The right insurance coverage makes all the difference.

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About Us

With the easy assistance of AutoClinic Garage located in Paphos, you can get all kinds of car body repairing work done immediately. We d everything under the sun for you, so far as repairing of the car is concerned.

From minor dents, bumper scuffs, panel repairing, mending scratches, Compact – Polish – WAXC work, Glazing, Head Light Cleaning, repairing of paint. Hence, whether it is a small damage work that needs to be soughed out or a huge automobile task, we do it effortlessly, without a cringe.

Useful Information

What if the other driver does not have auto insurance?

As a practical matter, you can only recover in a car accident if the at-fault party has available assets or insurance.  In some instances, an at-fault driver who does not carry his/her own insurance may be covered by another person’s insurance policy. Additionally, if the at-fault driver was acting in the scope of his employment at the time of the car accident, he/she may be covered by his/her employer’s insurance.

If your own auto insurance policy provides you with uninsured motorist coverage, you may be compensated by it.  In essence, uninsured motorist coverage takes the place of liability coverage for the at-fault driver and provides an injured person with an ability to make a recovery for outstanding medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

Should I take pictures of the accident scene?

Yes, if you have a camera on your cell phone or in your vehicle, you should take photographs of: your injuries, bruises, etc.; vehicle damage and other property damage; and the accident scene, including skid marks. If you do not have a camera available at the scene, you should still take photographs of your vehicle and your injuries after you leave.

When should I notify my insurance company of the accident?

You have a duty to cooperate with your own insurance company and report every auto accident. Sometimes, failure to provide information to your insurance company in a timely manner can result in loss of coverage for the accident. However, you should try to avoid making statements about who was at fault.  It is best to contact a personal injury attorney before providing any additional information to your insurance company.

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We are working from 1996, and we have more than 10 000 Happy clients.

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Our employees are working on this field over 5 years.

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We are quarantine our service and our paint. 100% Quarantine.

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We offer free Estimate quote at any of our services

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Our clients are not worry about the car insurance, because we are manage to fill all the necessary form for him/her.


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