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AutoClinic Garage

With the easy assistance of AutoClinic Garage located in Paphos, you can get all kinds of car body repairing work done immediately. We d everything under the sun for you, so far as repairing of the car is concerned. From minor dents, bumper scuffs, panel repairing, mending scratches, Compact – Polish – WAXC work, Glazing, Head Light Cleaning, repairing of paint. Hence, whether it is a small damage work that needs to be soughed out or a huge automobile task, we do it effortlessly, without a cringe.

  • We make sure that the work is done as soon as possible
  • The work we deliver is high quality and of commercial standard
  • We offer cost effective rates and follow a body shop traditional technique of repairing.

AutoClinic Garage specialists are here to assist and support you with whatever assistance and help you are in need of regarding your vehicle. Our well trained and updated professional technicians help to go through the nitty-gritty’s and check through with the mobile car body parts which need to get repaired, changed or modified. We are known for our discipline towards work and take pride in every project we have dealt and been a part of so far. We are known for our outstanding standard of repair and all kinds of related automobile work. Yes, we do ensure and make sure that the socialists at AutoClinic Garage get accessed regularly and that they stay updated with the latest technology and skill regarding the automobile sector. They are even timely assessed and made to take part through continuing skills development and accreditation. We make sure that our specialists are updated and properly acquainted with all the dexterity required in his sector, to provide customers with a smooth and effectual vehicle repair service.

Being in this field for a good number of years now and always thriving to progress and deliver the best across to our customers, we are always working towards improving ourselves. Our dedicated team of specialists comes with a wide-ranging industry experience and proficiency and once you get your work don through us, you sure will love to get back to us again, for any support or query whatsoever!


Why Us?

  • We carry on with regular body shops hence, providing coverage to the utmost
    we make sure to keep on serving customers with any and every kind of automobile related wry they are in need of.
  • Yes we are flexible and comfortable fit into the schedule that suits you best. After all customers always com first for us!
  • We have been a natural choice for almost every customer in Paphos when it comes to accident damage repair tasks.
  • We work with utmost dedication and focus; hence we are a natural choice when it comes to damage repair and we gladly claim to produce one of the best of wok for our customers.
  • We are working towards going stronger day by day and stay ahead with all the vehicle related advancement so that our customers get the best from our end.
  • We make sure that we work with commitment and produce innovative mobile service, hence have been known to be the best in the bodyshop and automobile industry.
  • We guarantee customers and yes, shower them with high level of customer satisfaction.

Only a professional car specialist can help you to maintain your car’s body look chic and beautiful. We, at AutoClinic Garage, are masters in dealing with car problems. Our professionals can deal all sorts of repairs, be it paint scratches or full car painting. If you want to maintain your car in a brand new position for longer duration then we can help you. Our experts can deal well with all repairing work of your car’s body efficiently after an accident, so if you want stress free work to be done to your precious possession then just call us or visit our workshop.

Our workshop is the most renowned repairing shop in Paphos, Cyprus. We are professionals in dealing repairing of a car’s body. Your car will look excellent and brand new once we repair and paint it. It would be resorted to its original form. Our technicians are well versed with all kinds of modern technologies on denting, painting and revamping a car’s body. Here, in our workshop, modern techniques are used to bring back your car in its original form.

We are expert in giving a new look to your car, removing scratch marks, accident repairing, denting, painting, headlight repairing and alloy wheel revamping. We can make your automobile look even better than its original condition. Our experts at AutoClinic Garage are quick in delivering every project that they undertake and very professional in their duties. Your car will have a terrific finish as far as its body work and painting is concerned. It will look like a showroom car. The good news is that we offer life-time guarantee to your car repairing work. You will not have a single complain or dissatisfaction. Our main principle is to keep our clients happy and satisfied with our work. It is better if you can squeeze out some precious time of yours to come and observe our modus-operandi. Finer details are taken into account before painting the car.

AutoClinic Garage is the only car workshop where life-time guarantee is provided as we have self-belief in our work. We will not let you down from your expectation. Our workshop is dust-free which is very essential for a good painting. Painting and proper denting work needs proper drying and this requires time so that it could last for longer period of time. Our experts attend all the minor and major faults on the car’s body very precisely, before laying their hands on painting your car. The faults must be eliminated primarily with minor details so that your car looks chic and dazzling after it is painted.

You do not need to worry at all because we understand how precious your vehicle is for you. You can be lest assured that it is being taken care of in safe hands by the best of industry experts in the field.