Shiny finish makes an automobile look dazzling and incredible. If your car is well polished and well preserved it will make heads turn on the road.

We at Auto Clinic Garage specialize in providing your vehicle stress-free service to all kind of cars, whether it’s related to windscreen replacement or coloring. We possess a dedicated team of workers who are well educated in various areas of vehicle glazing.

Auto Clinic Garage supplies the most excellent vehicle parts from renowned suppliers or directly from the company. Repairing car windows and windscreen is our specialty. We can provide your car high-class repair services and windscreen substitution. We can give the best glazing surface to your car which will satisfy you without any doubt. Our professionals and technicians are very hard working and know their duty well.

We mend chipped, broken or scratched windscreen and if you want to repair it immediately then contact us by calling Advanced Windscreen Services for an urgent reply. Our workshop if well equipped and we have the capability to deal all types of emergency jobs. Whatever brands the vehicles are, we can provide all sorts of substitute shiny finish. We specialize in replacement and fitting of windows and windscreen for cars, buses, coaches and agricultural automobiles. We also fit sun roofs and heated back windows for cars. Our workshop is well equipped with the most appropriate equipments to repair an automobile. We offer reductions and discounts to the taxis and cabs.

We are qualified and a certified company, and provide customers with nothing but excellent technicians involved in window replacement services. We are frequently examined by ATA to prove our elevated level of knowledgeable workmanship and our exceptional services to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we understand them well. If you are satisfied with our work then only we can expand, so we understand the needs of our customers well. Customers’ queries must be answered accurately and they must be satisfied with our answers. There should be no doubts lurking in their minds. Everything thing should be crystal clear. Till now we have received no complaints from our customers and they put their trust on us. Our customers trust us wholeheartedly as they know that their taxis can be maintained well by us. We instill trust and faith in our customers’ hearts. We make sure that everything is okay before delivering the car to them. Trust is an important thing for us.