Panel repair

AutoClinic Garage provides premium quality car panel repair services. We are located in Paphos and cater to all kinds of car body repair, panel repair and bodywork repair services. Also if your car has undergone an accident, we will provide you with the most fitting vehicle accident repair services.

Be it any kind of car Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, etc, or any sort of prestige vehicle that you own, we come with utmost experience and have a reliable team of specialists to take care of all your car repair necessities. From accident repair to panel repair, we are here to make your ride easy, smooth and safe, taking care of all the nitty-gritty’s involved with panel repairing work.

There is no doubt that little scratches, nicks and dents keep taking place from time to time. To add to this, damages to different areas or parts of the vehicle is also becoming a common occurrence these days. It is not possible for a car owner to be cautious at very moment. Even though due to car accidents, a majority of dents as well as body repair work is required, there are other factors such as worsening road conditions, rusting and also hail, which cause the car to start damaging at a gradual pace. Hence you can take professional assistance from AutoClinic Garage. We provide high end auto repair and all kinds of dent repair services in and around Paphos.

Car repair and Panel Repair Services

If you are trying to find out specialists in the area of panel repair services or car bodywork repairs then look no further. The repair parts and services that we provide customers with are all guaranteed; hence you need not worry about it.

When you need to restore any old car, you have to ensure that its body panel which is damaged or rusted is properly replaced with fresh new metal. Whatever car brand you possess, we ensure that we provide you with fresh sheet metal, rivets, dimplers, flanger devices, special panel holders as well as best of hole punches, which make the welding in patches a breeze. We also make sure that you your vehicle with no-weld patch system so that the panels get properly patched with no wielding at the same time; very little filler is required for this process.

We ensure that we only provide unparalleled quality all across Paphos within various panel beating as well as auto repair services. We are experienced in this field and have been serving our customers with the best of reliable services.