Panel Repair

Premium Quality
AutoClinic Garage provides premium quality car panel repair services. We are located in Paphos and cater to all kinds of car body repair, panel repair and bodywork...

Paint Repairs

Well Painted
All car owners want their cars to be well maintained and well painted. Minor damages can happen to a car anywhere so we offer superb denting and painting repairs to cars in...


Polised, WAXC
Does your car need to get polised, WAXC as well as properly oiled? Be it repairing its parts, polishing, or any other kind of service which your vehicle requires, we are here to...

Light Clean

Perform Magnificent
We at Auto Clinic Garage, perform magnificent head light clean services to cars and vehicles. This reduces the risk of accidents on roads as there will be clear visibility.

Tend Repair

Removal Scarcest
Be it regular auto routine or any kind of emergency repair work or even Removal Scarcest and Tend Repair you can trust our professional team at AutoClinic Garage.


Dazzling and Incredible
We at Auto Clinic Garage specialize in providing your vehicle stress-free service to all kind of cars, whether it’s related to windscreen replacement or coloring.