Compact – Polish – WAXC

Does your car need to get polised, WAXC as well as properly oiled? Be it repairing its parts, polishing, or any other kind of service which your vehicle requires, we are here to help you out, in the most affordable ways. Well again, with the best of services too, which is kept in top most priority.

AutoClinic Garage feels proud as we have served several cars and different vehicle brands all throughout Paphos. We make sure that your vehicle is provided with proper protection at the same time, best of professional care. So far as the waxes that we use, we can assure you that we use the best in the industry. We also provide customers with proper exterior washing services, to ensure that both the inside as well as the outside area is provided to you in the best of forms. We do believe that we need to provide not just mediocre service but utilize premium techniques so far as polishing, compact and waxing is concerned. Also the vehicle is painted through most updated techniques, to bless your vehicle with a smooth touch and hand it over to you in good condition.

We believe in protecting your car:

We do understand what your car means to you. At the same time you we also work towards providing your car with that additional shine. If the car’s wax is neglected, your car will soon start looking dull and stained too. This is why it is important for you to get your car waxed at least 3 to 4 times in a year. This will help in making your car looks bright, shiny as well as we ensure that we paint in the most apt way, so that it works as a protective shield to your car. Through proper car detailing as well as car washing, we provide customers with quality waxing and polishing solution.

Car Waxing Option

Our experienced professionals only wish to ensure that the paint of your car stays well protected and lasts for a long time. Hence we provide customers with efficient car waxing services.

If you want to blend in more detailed options, we are here for you. All that you will require to do is talk to us about your requirements and we will provide you with our auto detailing services. Not only this, we also ensure that our customers also get the feasibility of customized detailing vehicle services, as per the needs of their vehicle.